Chapter 4: The Summon

Seeing Du Qiang scribbling something, Feng Lei’s eyes noticeably lit up. He suddenly remembered the storage pouch his father gifted to him the night before. His hand automatically went to his waist where the pouch was and mentally summoned a notebook that he placed in it to appear in his hand with a quill and an ink stick.
Noticing his master’s plan, Du Qiang took the ink stick when it was handed to him and started grinding it in an ink plate on top of a desk beside Feng Lei’s bed. Feng Lei took the quill and dipped it on the ink as gracefully an immortal, appearing incredibly used to the action.
It’s a good thing I studied calligraphy in arts during high school and college. If not, I would be dead by now.
Feng Lei inwardly sighed in relief as he started writing on the notebook in elegant and dignified strokes, unintentionally gaining Du Qiang’s admiration with his writing.
Du Qiang discretely glanced at his own writing and compared it to Feng Lei’s, finding the difference as vast as heaven and earth.
As Feng Lei stopped writing, he passed the notebook to Du Qiang for him to read. As the System may alter his words, Feng Lei chose to write poetry instead to avoid the circumstance and nodded his head to his own genius idea.
‘A king desires for loyal subjects. 

A knight desires for honor and glory.

A merchant desires for wealth and riches,

but a man such as I only desires for air to breathe and comrades to share the world with.’
“A great poem, young master!” Du Qiang exclaimed as he was incredibly awed when he realized that Feng Lei answered his previous question with a poem. Upon rereading it again, Du Qiang was filled with praises in his heart and the gaze he used to look at Feng Lei changed and showed hints of respect.
Knock knock. 
“Gongzi, his royal highness, the emperor summons you to the imperial hall.” Suddenly, the head eunuch’s voice said from the hallway.
Feng Lei opened the door and sent a questioning gaze to the eunuch. “Gongzi, this summon is a tradition of the imperial palace. It is to welcome new disciples to the palace and also to show their talents to imperial family and their senior brothers. This should have been informed to you by your clan before you went here.” The eunuch explained.
This… I was suddenly pulled into this by the emperor yesterday so my father probably forgot about this… System, do you have any information about this tradition?
[None. In the original novel, the protagonist never encountered this.]
Well that’s weird.
Probably sensing Feng Lei’s confusion, the eunuch decided to continue explaining.
“Actually, gongzi doesn’t need to prepare much. You only need to show a bit of your cultivation and your special talents. For example, your eldest apprentice brother, Lin Xueqin-gongzi, chose to demonstrate a sword dance for the imperial family.” 
Oh… So that’s how it is. Choosing to study arts is becoming the best decision I’ve ever made during my youth. I think I’ll choose dancing but just that isn’t going to get the imperial family’s attention. System, what do you think?
[How about you try doing contemporary with a bit of traditional and ballet then, add a bit of your ice skills?]
Hmm… That actually sounds like a great idea except I don’t even know how to control my abilities yet.
[Don’t worry. It’s actually fairly easy. I’ll send you a trace of spiritual energy from your dantian and send it to different acupoints in your body. Try to memorize the sequence and send it out of your body as frost. That should be enough for a convincing performance.]
System-bro, you’re the best! I’ll do the best that I can! 
[Just finish the mission as soon as you can so I can get my bonus.]
Feng Lei shook his head and faced the silent eunuch who patiently waited for his reply and nodded in acceptance. 
“I shall lead the way, gongzi. The imperial hall has already been prepares and numerous officials have been invited for this occasion. If it goes well, you’ll probably be recruited by an official as a student. Of course, your true teacher will still be the emperor but if you manage to gain the attention of a high-ranking official, say, the prime minister for example, then, your future would be extremely bright. You’ll have to try your best, gongzi. Not even one of your senior brothers and sisters have managed to get the prime minister’s attention.” The eunuch said amiably as they walked.
Despite hearing what the eunuch said, not even a ripple of emotion passed through Feng Lei’s face as he was trying to memorize the sequence of acupoints that the system sent him and tried to replicate it. After numerous trials and errors while they walked, he finally succeeded and practiced it repeatedly.
Inside the imperial hall, numerous officials were gathered together and were having a conversation. 
“I heard that this disciple that the emperor found is from the Feng clan which is famed for producing numerous geniuses in every generation, moreover, this child is rumoured to be a once in ten thousand years genius even in the Feng clan!” A stout, bearded official said.
“That’s true! I heard he even had a Divine constitution!” A lanky official added.
“If that’s true, then I must have that child as my student! Luo Tingfeng, you must not compete with me!” A tall and heroic looking man who was wearing a general’s uniform declared.
“Hua Shun, aren’t you being too unfair? We’re all here to assess the child’s capabilities and not compete for him. Who knows? He’s probably not even that good.” A scholarly looking man replied, gaining the nods and sounds of approval by many officials around him.
“Hmph! Let’s see if you can still remain calm when we see the child’s performance, you two-faced baldie!” The old general muttered hatefully.
“Feng-gongzi, we’re here.” The eunuch informed as they arrived in front of a large and heavy looking double door which was filled with an awe-inspiring aura. 
System-bro, this is really nerve-wracking. I didn’t even prepare a dance for the imperial family! What if I make a mistake and they decide to kill me?! What do I do?!
[Calm down. Just wing it. I know you can do it! You’ve been dancing without even thinking about your movements ever since you were a child! You’ve even studied this for more than six years! Use your emotions to dance like you always have!]
Are you sure I can do it?
[I’m sure of it! Be confident in yourself! Dance your heart put and show those officials what you’ve got! Don’t forget! You’re the once in ten thousand years genius that put even the protagonist in a tough spot!]
Alright! I’ll do it!
While Feng Lei was having a conversation with the system, the eunuch knocked on the door and informed the guard on the other side that Feng Lei has arrived.
As the doors swung open, Feng Lei walked in with a confident and indifferent expression. He knelt down upon arriving in front of the emperor’s throne respectfully and placed a piece of paper in front of him.
‘Your royal highness, this servant hopes you can pardon his impudence as he lost his voice and is unable to speak for the whole day.’
“Hmm? Alright. I’ll pardon you only if you give a satisfying performance. You’ll have to get it checked afterwards to the imperial physician. If you fail to satisfy all of us, you’ll be punished.” The emperor said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
Hearing his words, Feng Lei was filled with cold sweat but he immediately nodded in acceptance.
This time, I really have to do my best to impress all of them with my performance. If words won’t work, then I’ll just use my actions!
Feng Lei stood up and bowed once again towards the emperor. He took a deep breath and walked towards the center of the hall, the numerous officials’ stares following his every move.
Upon arriving at the center, he closed his eyes and spread his arms elegantly, pausing for a moment… Then, he moved.
At first, it was like a flitting breeze, cautious and fragile, as if he would immediately disappear if disturbed. With every step and twirl, frost seemed to follow his movements, dancing with him as if a secret partner. Slowly, his movement started to change, becoming faster and more free while still retaining its touch of elegance.
He danced with his eyes closed, never opening them once to see where he was going. When he leaped, he was like a mischievous sprite amidst the snow, having an adventure, jumping around snow hills. When he spun around, he was like a malevolent winter spirit, commanding the snow to form a hurricane. When he danced, he was like an icy temptress, attracting the attention of all those around him. 
Every step was full of grace and emotion. He made no mistakes and continued dancing as if no one was watching. By now, all the officials watching couldn’t help but stare, afraid to miss anything. They stood watching with slacked jaws as the child who looked as if he was one with the snow danced around the center of the hall, his emotion portrayed in his every movement. Even the emperor was secretly impressed. Who knew that the child who showed absolutely no emotions on his face can actually show a lot of emotions through his movements?
Not noticing the heated gazes of the audience, Feng Lei continued dancing until he was out of breath. His movements, akin to a graceful snow fairy as he flitted across the floor appearing as if his feet didn’t touch the ground. His flexibility and agility alone gained the admiration of many officials. 
With one last twirl, Feng Lei ended his performance and bowed. As he opened his eyes, he found himself on the exact same spot where he started, at the center of the hall. Without realizing, he actually danced one full revolution around the empty space of hall, bowing towards the direction of the emperor. 
As he panted to catch his breath, with sweat-slicked hair and blushed cheeks, he looked towards the ground as silence filled the hall, making him anxious.
This… They didn’t like it?.. Did I fail?
Suddenly, thunderous applause filled the hall right when Feng Lei was starting to doubt himself.
“Ha! I knew it! This child is a prodigy! Do you dare to doubt him now, Luo Tingfeng?!” Hua Shun suddenly shouted.
“Oh? When did I doubt him? I was actually filled with praises for the child from the start! You shouldn’t be to black-hearted, Hua Shun.” Luo Tingfeng replied with a smile.
“Black-hearted?! I peh! You’re the one who’s black-hearted! Your whole family is black-hearted!” Hua Shun shouted furiously.
[See? I told you, you could do it!]
“Silence!” The emperor who had been silence the whole time commanded, immediately shutting the noisy officials up. He smiled smugly and looked at Feng Lei in appreciation.
“I have decided! Feng Lei shall be assigned to-” “Your majesty!” 
Just as the emperor was about to assign Feng Lei to an official, a dignified voice suddenly interrupted him.
“Oh? Prime Minister Wang Zhaohui? What is the meaning of this?” The emperor smiled a smile that was not a smile.
“Your majesty, this humble servant has taken an interest towards this child and hopes to assign him to this one’s teaching.” Upon saying that, an old man who was dressed elegantly and had a dignified aura stood and bowed towards the emperor while the other officials stared with slack-jaws.
“Hmm… An interesting proposal but, unfortunately, your elemental orientation aren’t compatible. And besides, I already had a perfect candidate in mind. I apologize, Prime minister Wang. I’m afraid you’ll have to let go of this opportunity for the child’s sake.” The emperor refused while still smiling.
“Ah… Is that so? Then this servant shall accept. I thank the emperor for his guidance.” The old man sighed in regret and backed off.
“As I was saying, Feng Lei shall be assigned to the guidance of… Grand Marshal Long Jinhai!” The name came out like a strike of lightning to the officials in the Hall while Feng Lei just stood in the middle of it all in confusion as chaos broke out.
“Long Jinhai?! The legendary Grand Marshal who never lost a single battle ever since his appointment?! I heard he secluded himself though! Did he end his seclusion?!”
“That notorious Grand Marshal! He’s a demon in human skin!”
“He’s been gone for three years already! Why did he have to come back at this time?!”
this… System-bro, is there anyone in the novel who was named as Long Jinhai?
[None that I know of. Such a person never appeared in the novel.]
Then who the heck is this Jinhai guy?!
Suddenly, from the shadows behind the emperor’s throne, a tall, elegant looking man walked out and knelt facing the emperor from the side of the throne. Seeing the man who suddenly appeared, the officials exclaimed in shock and horror.
“He was right in from of us and none of us noticed his presence! What kind of monstrosity is this?!” The prime minister muttered. In front of the Grand Marshal, even the powerful prime minister seemed to only amount to a bug.
“As your highness orders.” The grand marshal said monotonously. He turned towards Feng Lei and assessed him indifferently. “Child, do you accept me as your teacher?” He asked coldly.
Unable to speak, Feng Lei just nodded in acceptance without any emotion on his face. 
By the conversations of the officials behind me, I’m guessing this grand marshal is a powerful and authoritative person.
“…I think I understand why the emperor assigned the child to the grand marshal. Talents aside, their attitude and personality is scarily identical.” An official whispered, getting the other officials’ mumbles of agreement.
‘Note #3 : Young master Feng is much more incredible than he seems.’
Du Qiang secretly scribbled as he peeked from the doorway while the guards were distracted.

Chapter 3: Odd Developent

True to the emperor’s word, a carriage did arrive at the gates of the Feng Clan’s residence at the first break of dawn. And it was a golden gilded carriage that attracted the attention of many people at that! 
Facing the expectant stares of his clan members and the envious gazes of those who gathered outside the Feng clan’s gates to watch, Feng Lei calmly strode towards the carriage, looking as if the commotion had nothing to do with him at all as he was being followed by Du Qiang, a servant child that his father specially assigned to him.
“Lei-gongzi, his royal highness, the emperor, assigned us to be your loyal servants for your stay in the palace. Please use us to your convenience.” Upon seeing Feng Lei, who was highly favored by the emperor, approaching the carriage, a tall, burly man who seemed to be the leader of the dozen or so men wearing heavy armor that were guarding the carriage, bowed towards Feng Lei. 
Although the other guards didn’t know why the emperor appreciated a child who wasn’t even half their height, they still bowed to show their respect.
“I’ll be counting on you.” Feng Lei said indifferently, appearing extremely calm despite the attention that was focused on him. The same could not be said for the little servant who followed him though, as he tried his best to follow his master who already boarded the gilded carriage without fainting from the pressure that the guards unintentionally exuded. In the little servant’s heart, he was filled with awe and worship for the mighty armored guards and deeply wished that he could be one of them someday.
In the carriage, Feng Lei leaned on the soft velvety cushions and rested his eyes as he rubbed his temples, inwardly feeling annoyed and nervous by the attention despite his calm outward appearance.
Ah… As I thought. The Feng clan really is a clan that won’t hesitate to throw their clan members into a den full of tigers for reputation. Can they at least pretend to be saddened by my departure? Even that brainless brother of mine is seeing me off with excitement. 
He thought with a face full of black lines.
Upon seeing Du Qiang enter the carriage, Feng Lei wanted to have a chat with him to ease the tension but he remembered the stupid curse that the system gave him.
That stupid system! If it weren’t for it being so evil, I wouldn’t be in this situation right now! In this case, wouldn’t it be better to not talk at all than to unintentionally provoke everyone around me every time I open my mouth because of a stupid misunderstanding?! Ugh! Really too stupid.
Discretely peeking at Du Qiang who seemed to be trembling with nervousness, Feng Lei tried to come up with something to help him calm down without being affected by Tue system’s curse.
“Du Qiang.” Feng Lei called in a cold, indifferent tone. “Y-yes, young master!” Du Qiang replied nervously, suddenly recalling the rumours regarding Feng Lei’s vicious mouth and indifference to life. If Feng Lei knew what Du Qiang was thinking, he would surely cry.
Should I say ‘Sit down. Being nervous in front of guards is unbecoming of a servant of the Feng clan.’? The system can’t possibly edit even this sentence, right? Okay, let’s try it.
“Sit down. You look stupid.” 
I give up. System-bro, you win. I won’t complain anymore, so can you please remove this curse? If this goes on I’d rather become a mute!
[Analyzing host’s request…]
Speak of the devil and he shall truly arrive! Wait… Does this mean that the stupid curse could be removed? 
[Analysis complete… Command [Venomous Mouth] has been overridden. Replaced by [Voiceless] title]
System-bro. Can you not take things too seriously? If you continue this, I’m afraid I will truly die.

(A/N but you’re already dead. °^°)
Without hearing a reply from the system, Feng Lei inevitably had no choice but to give up. Glancing at Du Qiang from the corner of his eyes, Feng Lei took the time to study the child who was sitting nervously at the opposite side of the carriage from him.
Suddenly, a sound that was akin to a Facebook pop rang inside Feng Lei’s head.
[Mission Alert! Befriend Du Qiang. Difficulty: Easy, Rewards if completed: Unlock [Mission Bar], [Lottery], and [Market]. Punishment if failed: None. Time limit: 24h]
Oh? A mission appeared! The rewards are so bountiful! What is this? No punishments? System-bro, you actually have such a nice side! The only problem I have is the time limit… Alright! I have to work hard today!
Feng Lei turned to face Du Qiang fully and opened his mouth, about to try to talk to him to get to know him better.
[Warning! [Voiceless] operating. Host will not be able to speak once title has been activated. Title countdown: 23h 57m 17s]
…Impossible! That’s just barely half a minute until the mission’s time limit! System-bro! I take back my words! You really are the evilest!
Knock knock.
“Gongzi, we have arrived.” Unknowingly, while Feng Lei was immersed in his self-pity and frustration, they have already arrived at the imperial palace. 
As they alighted from the carriage, Feng Lei was immediately surrounded by numerous palace servants and guards.
“Lei-gongzi, this one is called Xiao Wong, the head eunuch. His royal highness, the emperor, ordered this one to guide you to your room in the palace.” A tall, lanky eunuch said.

In the palace? It seems that the emperor values me highly if he isn’t sending me to the other towers or palaces, even sending the head eunuch to guide me.
As he is unable to speak for the whole day, Feng Lei just nodded to the eunuch. Receiving just a nod in return, the head eunuch was irritated but didn’t show it in his face and lead them towards the palace instead.
If I’m not mistaken, the protagonist will also be invited to the imperial palace approximately two years from now, right, system?
Sigh… The treatment is really too different. When the protagonist was invited here, no one bothered to greet him, let alone guide him to his chambers. No one even picked him up and instead, rode an ox-pulled cart to the capital and walked the rest of the way to the palace.
Feng Lei thought inwardly as he indifferently surveyed the numerous decorations inside the palace, following the head eunuch with Du Qiang who was staring at everything in the hallway with wide eyes, looking like a country bumpkin, beside him.
The protagonist of this story really is pitiful. The emperor even forgot about him for a whole month. If it weren’t for him accidentally breaking a precious vase, he would probably be forgotten for much longer. I can’t help but think that the author of this novel is a cruel person. (A/N Insulting myself is fun. XD)
“Gongzi, this will be your chamber in the palace. You can choose to have your servant stay here or we can assign him to the servants quarters.”
Hearing the head eunuch’s words, Feng Lei sent a meaningful glance towards Du Qiang. Du Qiang understood the meaning of Feng Lei’s glance and fidgeted nervously.
“I-I’ll stay at the servants quarters! It would be rude to impose on young master.” Du Qiang answered hastily.
Knowing his answer, Feng Lei sighed deeply in regret but still nodded at the head eunuch in affirmation.
Ai.. So regretful. I still have more chances later anyway. If that’s what he wants, then so be it. For now, I should just continue stably. 
“Well then, please enjoy your stay, Gongzi. If you need anything, please feel free to call any of the servants here. I’ll be showing your servant to the quarters so please excuse us.” The head eunuch said with a smile as Feng Lei just dismissed them with a wave of a hand and entered his chamber.
As Feng Lei disappeared into the room, the smile on the eunuch’s face instantly disappeared and stomped away from the chamber with Du Qiang in tow. 
“What the hell is wrong with your master?! He didn’t even say a single word to me! Is he disregarding my authority as the head eunuch?! No matter how powerful a person can be, it’s all nothing in front of the emperor’s might! Hmph!” The eunuch ranted.
“Uhm… The young master has always been like that. The truth is, he only spoke to me once today but I’m sure young master didn’t mean it to come off as rude.” Du Qiang said with a wry smile as he remembered Feng Lei’s words.
“How can that not be rude?! He outright ignored me in the imperial palace!” The head eunuch fumed as he walked along the hallways briskly.
Afraid that he would anger the eunuch more, Du Qiang chose to shut up and didn’t speak any further. Soon, the only sound that filled the hallways were their brisk footsteps.
Inside Feng Lei’s quarters, Feng Lei immediately sat down on the large double bed and tried to come up with a plan to befriend Du Qiang.
Judging from Du Qiang’s attitude during our interactions, he’s probably scared of me, more precisely, scared of the past Feng Lei. What exactly should I do to get rid of his fear? System, show me the available information for Du Qiang.
[Du Qiang: a servant child who was taken in by the Feng clan in the early parts of the novel and was Feng Lei’s retainer. After his parents were killed by the Feng clan for refusing an order to kill the protagonist, Du Qiang ran away and swore to take revenge on the clan and changed his name to Du MoXie. He later became a famous notorious bandit and was found by the protagonist and became his sworn brother.]
Wait… That nervous fidgety kid is Du MoXie?! THE great Du MoXie?! The best bandit to ever exist ever in history??!!! And he’s my servant!!! Holy crap! I’m fanboying!! Can I get his autograph?! Alright! I have renewed my resolve! Even if I don’t get those rewards, I need to befriend MoXie! Being friends with my idol is enough of a reward! Ordering him around is great too! System-bro! You’re the greatest! 
[…please make up your mind.]
System-bro! You’re alive?! What the hell?! I was talking to you the whole time and you only replied like a cold machine!
[Ahem… The system recently upgraded when you received your mission. I was given a partial will to monitor your progress.]
Oh… So that’s how it was.
Despite feeling numerous heated emotions, Feng Lei still looked calm and indifferent on the outside as he sat on his bed, unmoving.
Knock knock. 
“Young master, do you need anything?” Du Qiang said cautiously from the hallway. As Feng Lei was unable to speak for the next twenty-two hours, he chose to open the door instead.
Oh gosh! My idol is right in front of me! How do I act? I wanna hug him so badly!
[Please calm down first. Completing the mission is of utmost priority right now. You can hug him afterwards.]
You’re right! But I just don’t know what to do!!!
[…please do your best.]
System-bro… Can you uhm… You know… Remove that Voiceless title thing?
[Sorry. I can’t. I’m just here to monitor you. The decision making still goes to the higher ups.]
Dammit. Whatever. I’ll just make do with writing and actions for now.
Feng Lei peeked at Du Qiang who was standing nervously at the hallway and motioned for him to enter the room.
“Young master, is there anything wrong?” Du Qiang asked as he fidgeted nervously, appearing extremely cautious in front of Feng Lei.
Feng Lei shook his head to calm down Du Qiang, looking as calm as ever. 
System-bro, are you sure that this kid is really the stone-faced, merciless bandit of legends? Cause he just looks like a nervous kid to me. 
[Affirmative. Give him a few more years and he’ll grow up to be a dashing knight. I mean, bandit.]
Ooh… I can’t wait! To watch my idol grow up and see him in his full glory is my only wish! 
[…are you aware that you sound so gay right now?]
As far as I know, I’m straight. I’ve never had any interests in men before.
[You’ve never had any interests in women either. You’ve never even been in a relationship.]
Hey! How did you know that?!
[I’m literally inside your head.]

Unknown to Feng Lei, Du Qiang was actually staring at him the whole time while he was arguing with the system.
Du Qiang took out a small notebook the size of a palm and started scribbling using a thin piece of charcoal.
‘Note #1: Young master Feng doesn’t talk much.

Note #2: Young master Feng gets distracted easily.’

To The Guy Who Broke My Heart

You broke me.
You took what little I had whole and broke it into a million pieces.

You took your promises, your vows, and your words of affection and flushed them down the drain as if they meant nothing.

You tore the future we built together as if you didn’t care.

You broke me.
I should be mad.

I should be mad at you for letting go when you promised to hold on.

I should be mad at you for leaving when you promised that you’d stay.

And I should be mad at you for telling me that you loved me when you left me with the words “I don’t think I love you anymore, I’m sorry,” that day.

I should be mad, because that’s how they all tell me I should feel.

I tried to…

I did… But the anger wasn’t real.


I’d imagine that you would be…
I told you once before that I can’t get mad at you.

Do you remember that?

I do…

I can never get mad at the person who taught me how to love…
I loved you more than I loved myself…

I still do.

So, tell me, how can I get mad at the one person who I loved so much? So much that I forgot what hating myself felt like?

You made me realize how much love, how much effort, how much of everything I have that I can give to a person.

So how can I get mad at you for that?
It’s not your fault that you don’t feel the same way about me anymore.

It’s not your fault that what I did for you and what you did for us isn’t good.

It’s not your fault that my everything wasn’t enough.

So how can I get mad at you for that?
I’m not sad, or angry…
I’m broken.
And you know what?
It’s okay.
It’s okay because everyone is broken in their own way.

Some a lot more than others.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be fixed, right?

So how can I get mad at you for breaking me?

You lost the moon while counting stars, and I can only hope that those stars form a beautiful enough consellation to give you who you deserve.

That is who WE deserve…

So how can I get mad at you for that?

Introductory Post 

Hey guys. Call me Keith. That’s not actually my name, but I wish it was. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born to creative naming parents, so I have to live with the fact that I wasn’t named something cool, like Keith, or Z, or something. 

Anyway. Like the previous introductory post before me, I am also an aspiring author, creating my own novels and other sorts of shennanigans to be posted on this blog. Except, mine will be trashier, of course.

All the works I post are original, and are created by me, and me alone, unless stated otherwise. Posting them on other sites, specially without proper accreditation, is highly discouraged, because I can, and I will find you. 

Warning: Works may contain graphic violence, yaoi, and other NC-17 rated themes.

I’m out for now. If you need me, I’ll be at BlackWater Ridge, sacrificing a virgin to Lucifer in exchange for immortality. 

Transcendence to Immortality: Chapter 1


[Charm Skill Acquired]

[Prediction Skill Acquired]

[Genius Title Acquired]

[Demon Prince Title Acquired]

   “Nh…” Feeling his head throbbing in pain, Liu Chen let out a soft groan and grasped his head, unintentionally feeling the unfamiliar texture of long velvety hair.

 “W-what..?” His eyes flew open in shock as he grabbed hold of a few strands of his hair and drew them closer to his face to get a better look.

[Intimidation Skill Acquired]

    Liu Chen knit his eyebrows in confusion as he heard a monotonous voice in his head.

[Integrating System to Host]


     Suddenly, there was a long, buzzing sound that completely filled Liu Chen’s hearing and his hands instinctively flew to cover his ears. He quickly realized that it was useless as the sound seemed to resonate from inside his head.

       W-what is this? System? Host? What exactly is happening? 

[Replying to host’s questions, due to the host’s vessel dying and activating the dying will system, host’s soul is now being transfered and integrated into Feng Lei’s body, a character from the novel, ‘Immortal Traversing Through the Stars’, according to host’s last wishes]

     Having his question unexpectedly answered, Luo Chen visibly froze in shock as he contemplated the meaning of the words that the system said.

     I see… I have been transferred to a xianxia novel world.. Am I dreaming perhaps?


      Well, I guess that answers my question. It truly is incredible though. But couldn’t they have picked a better character to transfer my soul to? Of all the characters, why a cannon fodder? And one who opposes the protagonist ’til death at that!

      [Host’s soul was in an extremely fragile state and can only be integrated into the most compatible vessel available]

     Ah.. Is that so? Then I understand. With the transferring to a xianxia novel world thing, I’ll be troubling you to explain it to me.

    [World Name: Immortal Realm : it is the second realm that was introduced in the novel, ‘Immortal Traveraing Through the Stars’ after the protagonist ascends from the Mortal Realm. Here, the protagonist encounters many challenges, defeats many enemies, and forms his harem.]

     And I presume that the body I am currently in is one of the many enemies that will be defeated by the protagonist in the future, correct?


    Please continue.

    [Vessel: Feng Lei : the second young master of the Feng clan. Hailed as a genius since birth, coupled with his innate Millennial Yin constitution and high status as a direct descendant of the clan’s patriarch, he grew up to be an arrogant young master]

     Hmm.. I see, I see. So that’s why this kid ended up the way he did. Truly pitiful. And eventually ending up to be killed by the overpowered protagonist. But doesn’t this kid seem to be a cheat-like existence as well?



    No comment, huh? Well then, please continue.

    [Feng Clan: rumored to have the bloodline of the God Beast Ice Phoenix and have been existing since the ancient times. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the formula to awaken their innate bloodline has been lost. But, having been serving the imperial family for many generations, they have acquired great authority and influence in the empire, and eventually been titled as one of the top seven clans.]

    Indeed, indeed. This description is perfectly in line to the novel’s plot. Too bad, this ancient clan, too, will be ruined by the protagonist in the future. Is there anything else that I need to know?


    Eh? Is that so? System, are you sure you’re not hiding lingzi under your belt? (leaving out details). 


    …..Oi. At least deny it a little, will you? Aren’t you doing your job incorrectly like this? Aren’t systems supposed to be mysterious and give unexpected bonuses during a martial duel or something? What the hell happened with you? The admin probably forgot to equip you with antivirus, right?

    [Due to an unexpected error, host will acquire the original character’s skill; Venomous Mouth.]

     The heck is this even?!

     “Worthless peasant, the fuck is this?!”

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Just as I thought of making peace with the protagonist and avoiding death flags, this skill just had to ruin that. And why is this a skill in the first place?! Guess I have no choice but to level up as fast as I can…. Which reminds me.. Yo, System! Judging from this kid, Lei’s current height and appearance, the novel shouldn’t have started yet, right?


    Then, how much time do I have left before it starts and what is the current situation of the Feng Clan?

    [There is approximately two years, one month, twelve days, three hours, and twenty-seven minutes until the novel begins. The Fang Clan is currently at the upper three clans rankings and is only one rank lower than the royal family in status. They have a vast influence in the royal court and is the top supporter of the crown prince for the succession ceremony which will happen in approximately three years. The Feng Clan is also known for producing numerous top notch generals and several Grand Marshals in the past. The standard cultivation technique of the Feng Clan has been known to be one of the highest tiers known in the entire Immortal Realm. Their influence is not only limited to the Immortal Realm. It also reaches the Demon Realm and Mortal Realms, giving them a strong footing in all Realms. Rumour has it that their influence also reaches the corners of the Divine Realm.]

    Ah… In short, it is the ideal stepping stone for the protagonist to boost himself up in the future. With the pretence of crushing great evil with his might a justice alone, he will gain strong influence, a heroic impression, and as well as a sizeable amount of harem candidates. Sigh… The hero really has a good life ahead of him… I’m jealous~

    “That lowlife hero should be groveling underneath this great I’s feet!”

    This kid’s mouth really needs a thorough washing… Truly regretful. 

     [Warning!!! Tutorial mode is about to begin!]

      Eh? I thought it already started..?

    [World set-up is complete. OOC functions have been added. Skill point distribution system has been implemented. Mission bar has been added. Start up in (10) seconds.]

  “This is really happening, huh? I mean, I don’t mind being transferred or anything. The idea hasn’t settled in yet.” Feng Lei, formerly called Liu Chen, muttered to himself as he stared at his slightly childish looking pristine appearance through a large mirror directly in front of his bed. 


  “At least it’s slightly better than my life back on Earth. It didn’t have death flags popping out of nowhere but, the living conditions here are way more superior. I guess, I’m fine like this.” Feng Lei continued, a contented smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

    [1…0… Tutorial Mode is now activated]

   Just as the system finished speaking, the door to Feng Lei’s room suddenly burst open and an anxious-looking teen with long green hair, and dressed in blue practitioner’s garb, embroidered with silver flying phoenixes, came rushing in and nearly suffocated Feng Lei in a bone-crushing bear-hug. 

  “Ah’Lei! Ah’Lei! You’re alright! Big brother was so worried about you! Suddenly fainting in the middle of cultivating and not waking up for three days. Big brother was scared and thought you suffered from a misguided cultivation. So, when I heard that Ah’Lei has woken up, big brother immediately headed over here. Next time, don’t scare big brother like that, okay?” the teen spoke rapidly as he squeezed Feng Lei’s small body tighter.

  “Okay, okay! Please let go, dammit! This young master can’t breathe! Are you not afraid that you’ll suffocate me to death?!” Feng Lei shouted frantically, struggling to get out of the embrace. 

   “Aiya! Sorry. Big brother just got too excited to see little brother awake and accidentally used too much force. Little brother should cultivate to get stronger so when big brother hugs you again, you won’t suffocate.” the teen let go and spoke amiably with a smile, not minding the foul words as if he was used to it.

   From the way he talks and his insistence on the big brother thing, I deduce that this person is Feng Junjie, Feng Lei’s- no.. MY elder brother. Since he was only introduced as a mob character and only appeared once in the novel, I do not know much about him. What I do know is that, he conspired against the protagonist with his two brothers, me and our youngest brother, Feng Ming-hua who also happens to be the main villain. This in turn, lead to his death.

   But judging how he is fawning over me so much, could it have been a big misunderstanding and that he is actually just a foolish elder brother who easily bends to the will of his two younger brothers? That is truly possible, right???

    “Big brother..?” Feng Lei called out with slight hesitation.

   “Yes?” Feng Junjie answered almost immediately with sparkling eyes.

   “If… If I were to..get in trouble..even if it’s dangerous and life threatening,.. would you help me?” Feng Lei asked with uncertainty and curiosity.

     “What kind of question is that supposed to be? Of course! Big brother will always be here whenever you and Hua’er are in trouble. Even if it’s fighting ancient dragons or climbing a mountain of blades, big brother will not even flinch.” Feng Junjie stated with a proud and dignified expression.

    I was mistaken. He is an idiot brother! What kind of person even does that!?

    “Stupid.” Feng Lei muttered monotonously.

     “Eh??!” Unintentionally, Feng Junjie let out a voice of incredulity.

    “I refuse to associate with stupid people.” Feng Lei said arrogantly, appearing to be cold and detached. “Aiya! Feng Lei is acting normally. It means you’re well now, right? Big brother is happy~” Feng Junjie smiled and patted Feng Lei’s head. 

    “Rest well, Ah’Lei. Tomorrow, Father will have all the younger generation’s direct descendants of the Divine Ice Phoenix to test their talents, potentials, and to see if any of them have a unique constitution. Your awakening today was extremely lucky and any later would have resulted to you missing out on it.” Feng Junjie’s gaze turned serious as he informed Feng Lei.

   “Oh. So it’s about that. Did big brother go through this as well?” Feng Lei couldn’t help but ask.

    “When I was about your age, I also went through that process along with cousin Feng Shen.” Feng Junjie answered, happy that Feng Lei wanted to know about his trials.

    Feng Shen… That name sounds familiar but I can’t seem to remember where I know it from. 

   “What results did you get?” Feeling tired from using a formal tone, Feng Lei switched to a more casual one.

     “I had a semi-divine core and a level one tiger bone. Unfortunately, in our batch, no one had any unique constitution. For talents, they check what type of core you have. There are three types of cores; mortal core, immortal core, and divine core. Each of them also have three stages; semi, pseudo, and perfect. The type of core you have will also determine the speed of your cultivation in the future. For potentials, they will check your root bone. Root bones, like cores, also have three types; panther bone, tiger bone, and dragon bone. These also have three levels; one, two, and three. The type of root bone you have will determine how high you can reach in cultivation and also your limits. For now, this is all you need to know.” Feng Junjie patiently explained to Feng Lei. 

     “What about constitutions?” Feng Lei asked curiously. 

    “Constitutions are a special type of body. It acts as both a limiter and a booster to a person’s cultivation and determines what kind of cultivation techniques you can and cannot learn. People with unique constitutions typically reach greater heights than those without but, they are put in extreme danger as well. If a person with a unique constitution practices a technique that is not appropriate for them, they risk the chance of going berserk and crippling their cultivation. This is precisely why the clan conducts these gatherings before the young ones are permitted to cultivate. We, of course, are allowed to practice the most basic breathing techniques to gather inner chi, being the patriarchs sons and all.” Fang Junjie spoke in detail, smiling whenever he saw a trace of emotion on Feng Lei’s face.

    “Aiya! It’s getting late! You better get some rest now or else you might not wake up in time for the gathering tomorrow. Good luck! Big brother will be cheering for you.” Feng Junjie hurriedly said and left as fast as he came.

    The gathering, huh? This should be interesting. Tomorrow will be the start of my new life as Feng Lei. With this chance given to me, I will live my life to the fullest! I can’t wait~

Transcendence to Immortality: Prologue (Teaser)

“Liu Chen, that’s good enough for today. Let’s wrap it up and continue again tomorrow.” A plump middle aged man said. “Yes, boss.” I replied politely, hoping not to offend him and giving him an excuse to fire me. “Hmm. I’ll be heading out first so just lock the office before you leave.” The boss said with a satisfied nod. “Leave it to me, boss” I replied while seeing him off.
      After he left, I immediately packed up and left the office after locking up. 
       I wonder if that novel has updated yet. I really can’t wait to see what would happen to those who dared to defy the protagonist. Don’t they know that to all those who stand in the protagonist’s way, only death would greet them? Ayayaya… I really pity those fools. 
        Having those thoughts while I was walking, I failed to notice the commotion which was happening right in front of me until it was too late.
       “Get out of my way!” a man dressed in a dark hooded jacket  shouted at me. “What..?” I, not knowing the situation, stood dumbfounded, angering the man.
        “Screw it!” With that, he grit his teeth and pulled the trigger of the gun that was pointed at me which I failed to notice beforehand.
         “Guh…” Feeling a sharp pain in my head, I instinctively reached to touch the spot which the pain originated from and felt a sticky liquid start to seep through the gaps of my fingers. 
        I felt my body start to lose strength and fall to the ground, my eyesight slowly dimming. Amidst the chaos and confusion that the people around me are in, I found the time to look at my hand that was covered with a thick red liquid. 
       I see… I have been shot. I find it interesting how I am able to be calm at a time like this. It’s not as though I have any reason to keep living… I just wish I could’ve finished that novel I was reading…
        Feeling the coldness slowly seep through my body, I closed my eyes and succumbed to the comforting darkness which called out to me.

[System Starting ; Specimen Verifying]….

[Verification Complete]

[Allocating Skill Points]

[Allocation Complete]

[Transferring Specimen Code]

[Title; Transfered Entity acquired]

[Title; God of Darkness’s Apostle gained]

[Received War God’s Blessings]

[Received God of Wisdom’s Blessings]

[Transfer Complete]

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Transcendence to Immortality: Description

Liu Chen was just an ordinary man with an ordinary job, aside from the fact that he is addicted to reading light novels. He only wishes to continue living his ordinary life. Unfortunately, destiny had another plan for him.
“This.. What is the meaning of this?!” With an ashen face, the young master of the Feng clan stared at his reflection.

After being shot in a robbery on the way home, I have somehow been transported into the body of a character from the novel I’ve just read. That part is still acceptable. What I cannot accept is…

What’s worse is my clan just happens to be acquainted with the Demon Realm! How could this be?!
No use in crying  over spilled milk. What I need to do now is raise my cultivation level as fast as I can and avoid all the death flags that comes to me. Only then can my life be preserved. 

[Due to some errors within the system, host will retain the original character’s way of speech]
This system is really infuriating.

      “Fuck this stupid system! Wait ’til the great me murders your whole family!”

This Feng kid’s mouth is trully venomous.


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